Tool holders (Collet Chuck) complete with Collet Nut - ISO30

  • Brand: Klein
  • Product Code: MAX-ISO
  • Availability: In Stock

ISO 30 Tool holders complete with Collet Nut for HSD spindles.

Experience optimal performance and precision with our high-quality tool holders designed specifically for HSD spindles. Achieve secure tool clamping and reliable tool retention for a wide range of machining applications. Maximize efficiency and accuracy with our tool holders, ensuring seamless integration with your spindle.

  • Supplied with nut (without collet) and retaining pawl
  • Available for ER25,ER32, ER40
  • Balanced to 24000 RPM
  • Spring collets DIN 6499
  • Threaded nut DIN 6499
  • For the spring collets see: collets
  • To be used on our adjustable demount device ISO30 tightening-device
  • These tool holders ensure a maximum error of concentricity between the conical part and the tool's seat of 0.003mm (Runout: 0.0001")
  • The "A" measure will be determined with clamped router bits' shanks by using both our spring collets DIN6499 and DIN6388. The "A" measure may be subject to variations depending on the diameter of the clamped tools.
  • The ball bearing clamping nut improves the clamping precision thanks to a homogeneous clamping force. It can be used both for the right-hand and left-hand rotation.

Part No.   Size Type Price Quantity  
MAX-ISO-25-ER25   ER25 ISO 25 £151.00
MAX-ISO-30-ER32   ER32 ISO 30 £90.00
MAX-ISO-30-ER40   ER40 ISO 30 £133.00
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