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Cyclone LED Ink

Cyclone LED Ink

Cyclone LED Ink

  • Brand : KAO Chimigraf
  • Product Code : Cyclone
  • Availability : In Stock

LED cured inkjet ink for indoor and outdoor applications

CYCLONE is the innovative range of flexible, acrylic based, LED cured inks developed by our laboratories. As part of its commitment to ongoing improvement, KAO CHIMIGRAF continues to gain experience in optimising formulae to improve properties such as adhesion, flexibility and resistance as well as a wider range of colours.

CYCLONE inks have good resistance according to cross-hatch tests conducted and demonstrate a high resistance to chemicals after the ink has completely cured. CYCLONE inks are suitable for printing on certain flexible vinyl and plastic media for applications that do not require a high degree of flexibility or elongation.

KAO CHIMIGRAF is an ink manufacturer that produces its own pigment dispersions in UV monomers. This allows KAO CHIMIGRAF to maintain absolute control of consistency in the production of each batch. The best pigments are selected to obtain the best combination light resistance and a good range of colours. All pigments used in the CYCLONE series of inks are ranked 7 or 8 on the Blue Wool Scale and all testing has been performed according to ASTM D-2565-99. However, as outdoor exposure conditions and UV radiation levels vary worldwide, and in some countries, they may even exceed the conditions of the above test method, the resistance to outdoor exposure may vary and being lengthened or shortened depending on the conditions of exposure of the printed material.

CYCLONE series inks have excellent dispersion values of particle size and are formulated from high quality monomers and oligomers that are compatible with a wide variety of piezo print heads including those of manufacturers Konica Minolta, Seiko, Fujifilm Dimatix, Ricoh, Toshiba-TEC and XAAR, covering the 6 to 80 picoliter nozzle size. The optimum injection temperature will depends on the configuration of each machine, but is usually

Part No.   Description Bottle Size Price Quantity  
12.065.348   Cyclone-Black 1L £55.00
12.065.345   Cyclone-Cyan 1L £55.00
12.066.344   Cyclone-Light-Cyan 1L £55.00
12.066.345   Cyclone-Light-Magenta 1L £55.00
12.065.346   Cyclone-Magenta 1L £55.00
12.065.347   Cyclone-Yellow 1L £55.00